Tales of a Symphony

5peopelsmotherfucker #famous

#BrooklynBridge (at Brooklyn Bridge)

Let’s go Knicks! Let’s go Jeremy Lin… Oh… He doesn’t go here anymore?… I don’t wanna watch. (at Madison Square Garden)

at National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Apparently the best pizza in the world is here?

Icecream wafflewhich #waffle&dingus

Brooklyn bridge! ✌️❤️ (at Brooklyn Bridge)

We’re going downtown!


Finally had shake shack @grizzlegoes 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 (at Shake shack E86 st and Lexinton)

We gotta step up our pumpkin game #Halloween

@shermanmarie and I carved out first pumpkin! Getting on that Halloween feel! ✌️

✌️❤️ (at Brooklyn Bridge)

Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan bridge in the background 😊 (at Brooklyn Bridge)

🍁🍂 (at Coney Island)